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From unlocking the value of the Montney with the first horizontal well to lowering emissions with electrification, ARC has a long history of innovation. The application of technology in our operations improves environmental performance and enhances operational efficiency. Today, we continue to innovate across our business, evaluate and apply clean technologies, and invest in partnerships that drive progress.

Innovation in action


Electrification has played an important role in reducing GHG emissions. Connecting our facilities to the BC provincial electrical grid provides access to renewable hydroelectricity, which has resulted in leading emissions performance of our northeast BC assets.

Since 2011, we have electrified five of six of our major facilities at Greater Dawson and Sunrise, which were previously powered by natural gas-fired turbines. In 2023, we completed electrification of our Dawson III and IV facilities. In addition, Attachie Phase I will be fully electrified at start-up, marking an important milestone in achieving our emissions intensity reduction targets.

All of our major natural gas plants in northeast British Columbia are now powered by renewable hydroelectricity from the provincial power grid.  These projects were made possible in part by funding through the Government of BC’s CleanBC Industry Fund.

We will continue to evaluate other opportunities to further electrify our field. These could include small-scale projects like the conversion of natural gas-fired compressors, or full facility conversions or new builds.   

From 2017 to 2023, ARC reduced its direct emissions in northeast BC by 22% despite growing production by 57%. The electrification of our northeast BC asset base reduces our GHG emissions by 420,000 tCO2e per year.

Continuous Monitoring AI Qube

Artificial intelligence and continuous emissions monitoring

State-of-the-art sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) enhance how we monitor and reduce fugitive methane emissions. Sensors at select ARC sites provide data on methane emissions in real-time. The AI analysis locates and quantifies leaks by emission source and severity so we can respond immediately. This technology was applied at ARC sites in partnership with Qube Technologies, with support from the Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN).


QR codes and online apps

QR codes and online apps help keep our people safe onsite with the latest health and safety protocols and procedures at their fingertips.


Waste heat recovery and instrument air conversions

Waste heat recovery and instrument air conversions have reduced GHG emissions across our field.


Data analytics

Data analytics has shifted how we work. Real-time data is enabling better and quicker decision-making, and informing our strategy.

Innovative partnerships

NGIF Cleantech Ventures is a $55 million industry-led venture capital fund that makes equity investments in early-stage startups. The objective of the fund is to grow cutting-edge clean technology companies into commercial-scale enterprises.

NGIF Industry Grants Program offers a non-dilutive grant to cleantech startups that are developing solutions to improve the environment performance and address challenges facing the natural gas sector. The program has strong connections to every part of the gas value chain, offering startups a means to test and develop clean technologies through field trials and pilots.

Our investments into these funds will help develop solutions that lead to emissions reductions and other environmental benefits in existing natural gas production, transmission, distribution, storage, and end-use applications. They also support the expanded production of renewable natural gas and hydrogen.

CRIN is a diverse pan-Canadian network that addresses energy challenges to improve both environmental performance and competitiveness. The network includes energy producers, innovators, technology vendors, academia, research institutes, financiers and government.

Our investments into partnerships with CRIN will fund solutions that lead to emissions reductions and other environmental benefits in existing natural gas production, transmission, distribution, storage, and end-use applications. It also supports the expanded production of renewable natural gas and hydrogen.

Ekona Power Inc. (Ekona) is a Canadian-based clean technology company focused on hydrogen production. Ekona uses an established process – methane pyrolysis – to create a low-cost, clean hydrogen production pathway. Given the flexibility and ability to integrate into existing infrastructure, Ekona’s technology has the potential to offer a timely and economical solution to lower emissions and support decarbonization of natural gas production.

In 2022, ARC made a strategic investment in Ekona and in 2024, announced that we will be conducting a field-based hydrogen pilot at our Gold Creek natural gas facility. The pilot will evaluate the technology’s ability to produce a reliable supply of clean hydrogen using our existing natural gas infrastructure. This innovative pilot will be the first time this technology is applied at an operational facility.


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Investing in cleantech and innovation

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