A leader in environmental stewardship

We have an important role to play in the transition to a lower-carbon economy. Through the production of lower-emitting fuel sources such as natural gas, we can support the world’s climate ambitions and address energy security, affordability, and reliability. 

Our approach to environmental stewardship prioritizes continuous improvement,  innovation and the application of clean technologies.  

Guiding principles


Provide low-carbon energy for the future

  • Create a resilient and sustainable business with a lower carbon intensity profile
  • Long-term focus on natural gas as a transition fuel
  • Pursue further economic opportunities to electrify facilities and well sites to reduce emissions
  • Drive innovation through the application of clean technologies
Water Stewardship

Protect water resources - secure, reduce, recycle

  • Invest in water infrastructure to ensure water security for future operations
  • Explore new technologies to increase water recycling in our operations

Restore land

  • Reduce our asset retirement obligation by prioritizing activities based on environmental impact and capital efficiency
  • Reduce costs for abandonment, reclamation and remediation activities to maximize the number of reclaimed sites

Goals and targets

Our environmental goals and targets aim to lower emissions and return impacted land to its original or equivalent state.  


  • Reduce ARC’s corporate GHG emissions intensity and strive to be the lowest GHG emissions intensity upstream oil and gas producer in North America.
  • Reduce GHG emissions intensity by 20% by 2025, relative to the Company’s 2019 baseline.
  • Reduce methane emissions intensity by 20% by 2025, relative to the Company’s 2019 baseline.
  • Implement a minimum of 70,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) emission reduction projects by 2025.
  • Reinvest up to 100% of carbon offset revenues into clean technology development and application to further reduce ARC’s corporate emissions profile.

Reclamation and remediation

  • Invest an average of $15 million in asset retirement activities over the next 10 years to further reduce ARC’s corporate environmental liability.
  • Reduce average abandonment, reclamation, and remediation costs by 10% through the application of new technologies, area-based closure programming, and procurement strategies.

Performance highlights



reduction in methane
emissions from 2019 baseline



reduction in GHG emissions intensity from 2019 baseline


$53.3 MM

invested in asset
retirement activities



pipeline incident rate

*Highlights based on data from 2023 ESG update.

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