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Relationships matter to us

Maintaining our social license starts with our relationships. Through thoughtful engagement with our stakeholders and Indigenous communities, we seek to understand what matters most to them. 

Before conducting our activities, we complete a thorough assessment of the surrounding area to identify potentially impacted stakeholders – going beyond what’s required by regulatory. We incorporate feedback into our development planning to minimize impacts resulting from our activities.

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For questions regarding our operations or activities near your community: 

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Development planning

We are proactive in our approach. Our engagement process is robust and ensures early notification and communication regarding our projects. By connecting early in the process, we work closely with local residents and communities to consult on activities in the area, understand any issues and address them together. Our consultation activities include annual community open houses we share information on our ongoing and future development plans.

Mitigating impacts

Through consultation, we make every effort to go above and beyond by engaging early and often with community members near our operations. We proactively mitigate impacts through operational design, focusing on the following key areas:



During more active phases of our operations, and where practical, we minimize noise impacts by adding noise reduction panels to our sites. Based on noise assessments, we install 12’, 24’ or 32’ sound suppression panels to the perimeter of our operations.



We manage traffic impacts for community members in several ways, including route management, notification, and dust control.
To manage dust from high-traffic phases of project work, we use an environmentally friendly dust suppressant for extended dust control. For short-team dust control, we use water trucks, often re-using recycled water from our operations.


Air quality

We recognize the importance of reducing our offsite impacts, particularly when it comes to air quality. Our Field Operations team ensures testing and facility maintenance are tied into production instead of venting and flaring, which results in less overall flaring and a lower risk of offsite odours.


Investing in your community

Supporting causes that are important to the communities we operate in is important to us. Learn how we’re investing in communities. 

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For more information on our emissions management program and performance, read our 2023 ESG Update or review our comprehensive 2022 ESG Report.


January 25, 2023

Supporting mental health

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January 27, 2022

ARC included in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index for a second consecutive year

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