ARC partners with Ekona Power to pilot hydrogen technology

ARC is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Ekona Power Inc. (Ekona), a Canadian-based clean technology company, to conduct a field-based hydrogen pilot. The pilot project will evaluate the technology’s ability to produce a reliable supply of clean hydrogen using our existing natural gas infrastructure. This innovative pilot will be the first time this technology is applied at an operational facility.

Testing will take place at our Gold Creek gas plant in Alberta, where Ekona’s xCaliberTM reactor technology will be connected to our natural gas feed to determine if a consistent supply of hydrogen can be produced. Through methane pyrolysis, methane will be pressurized and heated until it separates into hydrogen and solid carbon, which can be used in manufacturing of other common products.

Given the flexibility and ability to integrate into existing infrastructure, Ekona’s technology has the potential to offer a timely and economical solution to lower emissions and support decarbonization of natural gas in all markets, including the overseas hydrogen economy.

“ARC’s strategic investment in Ekona aligns with our commitment to continuous improvement of our environmental performance. Methane pyrolysis has the potential to offer a unique pathway to reduce facility emissions in the future. We are pleased to partner with Ekona to help advance their technology and unlock additional ways for our industry to advance its emissions reduction efforts.”

“This pilot, which we call Ekona Plant One, is a first-of-a-kind clean hydrogen production solution with technology that can reduce the carbon intensity of natural gas operations – not years from now, but today. We are proud to be working with ARC to demonstrate made-in-Canada technology that offers a viable and near-term solution for using hydrocarbons in cleaner, better ways.”

As part of ARC’s innovation investment strategy, intended to advance the development and adoption of clean technologies across the energy industry, the Company made a direct investment into Ekona in 2022 to support the development of the company’s proposed cleantech solution. Over the past year-and-half, Ekona has been testing and refining the technology at its lab in Burnaby, British Columbia to achieve the desired recovery rate and ensure safe operations prior to conducting field trials. With this testing complete, safe field application is ready to commence with initial deployment targeted by Q4 2024.


How the Technology Works

Learn more about our approach to innovation:

About Ekona Power Inc.

Ekona is a Vancouver-based venture established by Evok Innovations and Innovative Breakthrough Energy Technologies.  Ekona is developing a novel methane pyrolysis platform that delivers a clean, low-cost and scalable solution for industrial hydrogen production.  For more information about Ekona, visit


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