Investing in technology and innovation

Through progressive thinking and a commitment to operational excellence, ARC has established itself as a leader in energy development.

Our focus on innovation and the application of new technology has supported our performance and the production of our low-cost natural gas. To continue to improve our performance, last year ARC committed $50 million to invest in the development of emerging  technologies.

Our innovation investment strategy directs dollars to investment funds supporting early-stage technologies, and tech startups that are focused on developing new solutions to improve environmental performance or enhance operational efficiencies across the natural gas industry.

To date, ARC has allocated funding to the following recipients:

ARC has committed

$50 million

to invest in the development of emerging technologies

The remainder of the funds will be allocated as technologies are identified that advance ARC’s efforts in reducing emissions from natural gas production and consumption.

Our approach to cleantech innovation

Internally, ARC teams continue to evaluate opportunities to improve our environmental performance through emission reduction projects such as electrification, water recycling, and emissions monitoring. Our innovation investment strategy is intended to augment these efforts by supporting new solutions and ideas with the potential to make a bigger impact. Participating in investment funds focused on tech innovation allows us to contribute to a global network advancing the development of solutions that support a stronger energy future. Through these funds, our investments help to de-risk tech startups and enable them to achieve commercial scale quickly. The funds also provide visibility to the rapidly evolving tech landscape, allowing us to evaluate a greater suite of opportunities. Direct investments in tech startups allow us to identify and support technologies with the greatest potential to capture value in our business. Through funding, knowledge-sharing, and piloting new technologies in our operations, we can help to test and refine solutions and enable startups to bring their product to market and benefit the entire industry at a much faster rate.

Investing in the future

Responsible resource development has always been core to how ARC does business. In the past decade, we have profitably grown production while reducing our absolute emissions. Through our ongoing investments in new technologies and continuous improvement across our operations, we are well-positioned to provide reliable and affordable energy to the world for decades to come. We look forward to sharing more details on our innovation investment strategy as these funds lead to new solutions and greater results for our company and the energy industry.

Learn more about how ARC is accelerating progress:


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