Health and Safety

A Primary Focus

The health and safety of all employees, contractors, stakeholders and members of the public is at the core of ARC’s values. Our focus on health and safety is a part of all areas of our day-to-day operations. In addition to our commitment to operational excellence, which prevents incidents from occurring, our team is well-trained in hazard recognition, proper follow-up on corrective actions and addressing emerging trends.

To learn more about our approach to health and safety view ARC’s Health and Safety Policy.

Key Health and Safety focus areas:  

  • Continuous improvement and development of our Health and Safety Management System
  • Increased safety communications through all levels of the organization 
  • Safety leadership training for ARC supervisors and managers 
  • Long-term relationship building with key vendors   

For more information on ARC’s health and safety performance view our 2018 Sustainability Report.

Emergency Management Program

ARC’s Emergency Management Program is focused on developing quality Emergency Response Plans ("ERPs"), and training our personnel to properly activate the ERPs in order to promptly respond in the unlikely event of an emergency. ARC’s ERPs are updated annually in an effort to confirm the information included is both accurate and compliant with all regulatory requirements of our operating jurisdictions. Protecting the public, our employees and the environment are focal points that are stressed throughout ARC’s ERPs.

 As per the National Energy Board, Order MO-006-2016 and MO-002-2017, ARC’s Emergency Procedures Manual and Emergency Management Program have been made public and can be accessed by clicking on the links below. Please note: the documents have been slightly altered to remove any confidential information that was included in order to adhere to the Canadian Privacy Act.

Emergency Management Documents

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

ARC Resources Ltd. aims to align and ensure the safe handling and transportation of the products that we produce. As such, please find detailed health and safety information pertaining to each available here: