Mental health matters at ARC

At ARC, we work hard to foster a work environment where employees can be their best and where their physical and mental health are supported. Part of that commitment is putting the right leadership and support systems in place to support the mental health of our teams.

Prioritizing mental health 

Over the past seven years, ARC has made it a priority to implement several programs and initiatives dedicated to supporting the mental health of our people. In 2015, ARC recognized an internal need to increase mental health awareness and support. To inform our efforts, a cross-functional committee of ARC volunteers formed and began meeting regularly. 

Not Myself Today campaign

Together, the committee introduced the Canadian Mental Health Association’s “Not Myself Today” campaign at ARC. The program aims to break down the stigma associated with mental health by encouraging dialogue around mental health and mental illness. This initiative has continued to grow and evolve through the years with the addition of manager and employee educational workshops, shared stories of personal experiences with mental health, corporate wellness challenges, and many engagement activities across the company.

Supporting mental health through the pandemic

In 2020, mental health was top of mind as we began to navigate a period of extreme change through the pandemic. The program continued to evolve with virtual-hybrid support options and work-life balance supports. With a return to office in 2022, opportunities for increased social connection have become possible again and ARC’s mental health focus has been centered on strengthening team relationships and renewing connections with colleagues. Included in this year’s program is a wellness activity called Connect 5, which encourages participants to move, meet, connect and reflect while completing well-being challenges. By completing the activity, participants have the opportunity to win health-boosting prizes, all while supporting each other’s mental health.

Mental health resources

In addition, as part of ARC’s benefit program, we are also pleased to offer several mental health resources that employees can access at any time. These include LifeWorks, an Employee and Family Assistance Program; of mental health coverage for mental health practitioners, and community resources through the Canadian Mental Health Association.

We believe that mental health matters and we’re proud to support the mental health and well-being of all employees.


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