Health and Safety

At ARC, a commitment to health and safety is at the core of our values. Our aim is to conduct our business in a manner that maintains the health and safety of all employees, contractors, stakeholders and the public.  A focus on health and safety is integrated into all areas of day-to-day operations, and  ARC strives to maintain a culture where operational excellence prevents incidents from occurring, including trained hazard recognition, proper follow-up on corrective actions and addressing emerging trends.

ARC has a detailed Health and Safety Management System that outlines values and key accountabilities at all levels of the organization. We continually evaluate the effectiveness of this system to identify areas of improvement.

Key Health and Safety focus areas:
• Continuous improvement and development of Health and Safety Management System
• Increased safety communications through all levels of the organization
• Safety leadership training for ARC supervisors and managers
• Long-term relationship building with key vendors

View ARC’s Health and Safety Policy

View ARC's Emergency Procedures Manual

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