Students and New Graduates

Start your career at ARC

Through our START program, you’ll earn the opportunity to contribute to exciting projects, learn from industry professionals, and develop strong technical skills.

  • Co-op and Intern Student Programs

    These positions are posted at universities, and offer four to 16-month terms, depending on the program. Students will work on high priority projects and gain meaningful work experience. All students are partnered with a senior technical expert who provides excellent mentorship and guidance throughout the work term. The practical work provided is an excellent complement to classroom learning.

  • Summer Student Program

    Starting in May, our summer student openings are four-month work terms, available both in our Calgary office and field locations. All opportunities are posted in the Careers section on our website.

  • Engineering START Program

    The Engineering START program provides deliberate technical skill development opportunities for engineering students and new graduates. New graduates have the opportunity to work in one of ARC’s field offices to gain valuable exposure to multiple engineering disciplines, build practical knowledge and a strong foundation of industry and engineering experience.

  • Accounting START Program

    The Accounting START program offers new graduates a four-year rotational term with tangible development opportunities through rotations and exposure to multiple accounting areas. Students will develop a solid foundation and broad spectrum of accounting skills. ARC’s START program also facilitates the necessary work experience for those students pursuing their CPA designation.

Dylan Bowersock

"ARC is a great place to work because of the culture. ARC truly stands behind its open door policy and I consistently feel respected and engaged while at work. My mentor is incredibly supportive and I feel very lucky to be working here."

Juan Soto

"At ARC, the job is consistently challenging, yet with the support of your mentors and the encouraging atmosphere, it is an exciting and rewarding experience."


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