Responding to COVID-19

COVID-19 has challenged organizations to explore new and innovative ways to continue operations while maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. The pandemic continues to test operations practices and remote work capabilities but has provided opportunities to demonstrate the strength and resilience of ARC’s people.

In line with evolving Provincial and Federal health guidance, we continue to proactively implement initiatives and measures to ensure business continuity and protect the health and well-being of employees, contractors, service providers and the communities where we live and operate.  

Our Approach

  • Keeping Our People Safe and Our Operations Continuing

    ARC has extensive health and safety protocols in effect to protect the well-being of our people, including: 

    • A stringent Stay Home When Sick policy, requiring staff, contractors, and visitors to stay home when exhibiting any symptoms of illness. 
    • Rapid response plans including rapid on-site testing, to ensure business continuity while preventing and safely managing any potential cases within our operations. 
    • Anyone accessing an ARC site must be fully vaccinated or produce a negative COVID test every 72 hours.
    • Mandatory mask and physical distancing practices at all locations.  
    • Remote work for office-based employees, with additional support available for information technology programs and platforms. 
    • Availability of mental health programs and resources for staff.  
  • Protecting Our Partners

    Several additional protocols have been implemented for third-party contractors and vendors including: 

    • Limiting on-site or in-office access for non-essential visits. 
    • Ongoing communication to vendors outlining specific protocols and updates when conducting business with ARC. 
    • Rapid response plans for ARC sites to safely manage personnel in the event of a close contact, symptomatic individual or confirmed case. 
    • Anyone accessing an ARC site must be fully vaccinated or produce a negative COVID test every 72 hours.
    • During key maintenance and turnaround activities, coordinated work practices to reduce contact, supported by extensive and proactive COVID-19 protocols.
  • Supporting Our Communities

    Throughout the pandemic, ARC has continued to partner with several community organizations – donating both financially and through COVID-safe employee volunteerism – to support important community causes including:  

    • 1,700 scrubs were donated to frontline medical staff at hospitals in Fort St. John and Dawson Creek, in response to community requests.
    • $25,000 donated to Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids, who ARC has partnered with for close to 15 years.
    • ARC supported Calgary Senior Resource Centre’s efforts to improve seniors’ well-being by donating $10,000 to their COVID-19 Emergency Fund.
    • For neighbouring Indigenous communities, ARC provided COVID-19 relief funding used for mental health support and personal protective equipment. 

Our COVID-19 response reflects our enduring commitment to safety and the unwavering resilience of our people. We are proud of our team’s focus and determination to keep each other safe, support their communities, and maintain safe operations in an extraordinary time.