A Long History of ESG Leadership

Since the early days of ARC Resources, there was always a sharp focus on how to reduce our environmental footprint. Starting in 1999, we implemented initiatives to reduce flared gas through vapour recovery units and emissions-free dehydration systems at select locations across our field operations. This was revolutionary for a new company at a time when sustainability was less common.  

“Today, we call it ESG, but back then, we referred to it as doing what was right.” – Dave Kehrig, retired ARC Employee.

As years passed, ARC continued to grow with strategic acquisitions and continued to improve on its environmental performance through piloting innovative technologies to advance the sustainability of our operations. In 2008, we piloted a CO2 enhanced oil recovery facility at Redwater which yielded emissions reductions credits in 2012. 

2010 marked a significant milestone, when a low emissions gas processing facility at Dawson was commissioned. Leveraging the success of this initial facility, a second phase was commissioned which also generated emission reductions credits. In 2011, with the launch of Phase 2, the entire facility was linked to the B.C. Hydro grid and the on-site generators, powered by natural gas, were deactivated. The facility now runs on hydroelectricity.

As sustainability and ESG practices started being formally measured, ARC received recognition for our actions. In 2013, ARC was awarded CAPP’s Responsible Canadian Energy Chair’s Award for the Dawson Gas Processing Facility. The CDP Canada 200 Carbon Performance Leadership index also recognized ARC as a Climate Disclosure Leader based on emissions and disclosure score. The following year, Corporate Knights recognized ARC’s water management with inclusion on the Future 40 Most Responsible Corporate Leaders in Canada list.  

Electrification of our facilities continued with both Parkland and Sunrise facilities in 2018. To meet our ongoing commitment to reducing freshwater use and emissions related to transporting water to site, water storage reservoirs were constructed. The freshwater storage at our Sunrise facility collects water from high run-off periods of the Kiskatinaw River with capacity to support annual development activities. Additionally, produced water storage at our Parkland facility allows for water recycling to reduce our freshwater use.

Today, ARC is proud to be an ESG leader, consistently ranking as one of the lowest emissions intensity producers among our Canadian peers. Through a longstanding commitment to responsible development, we are a leading Canadian energy company with a key role to play in creating a lower carbon future.