Our Strategy

Balanced Strategy

Over the years, ARC has created a rigorous and detailed strategic process. Adherence to this process has put us in an advantaged position, in which we can grow strategically, take managed risks, hire the best talent, and be flexible in a changing environment. 

Financial Sustainability and Return on Investment

We are committed to paying a meaningful dividend and maintaining a strong balance sheet while delivering competitive returns and creating value for shareholders. With our disciplined, long-term focus on generating returns while managing risk, we demonstrate financial sustainability in all areas of our business. 

High-performance People and Culture

ARC has built a high-performing, diverse and committed team that is passionate about achieving strong results. ARC’s strong culture of respect, integrity, trust, and community is the foundation that inspires and motivates our teams to deliver their best performance while meaningfully contributing to ARC’s long-term business success.

High-quality Assets and Operational Excellence

ARC has built a commodity-diverse portfolio of world-class, low-cost assets.  We operate with a recognized standard of excellence to generate profitable returns from our investments and manage our operating and capital costs to assure value creation across our business. We are leaders in safety performance and responsible development.

Commercial Activities and Risk Management

We are continuously transforming to create value and optimize revenue through upstream and downstream business development and other commercial activities. We actively manage commodity risk through strategic market diversification, financial risk management and commodity optionality.