Our Strategy

Balanced Strategy

Over the years, ARC has created a rigorous and detailed strategic process. Adherence to this process has put us in an advantaged position, in which we can grow strategically, take managed risks, hire the best talent, and be flexible in a changing environment. 


Financial Flexibility and Market Access

ARC sustains a strong balance sheet and targets low debt levels, enabling the company to maintain financial strength and flexibility through commodity price cycles. 

Health, Safety and Environment and Operational Excellence

ARC maintains a high standard of operational excellence, prioritizing technical expertise, the health and safety of our team, asset integrity, and environmental responsibility. 

High-quality, Long-life Assets

ARC has built a diverse portfolio of assets, with a strong cost-management strategy that allows for optionality through commodity price cycles. 

Top Talent and Strong Leadership Culture

With a committed leadership team and a strong belief in succession planning and mentorship, ARC has developed a strong culture of trust, respect, integrity and accountability. This allows us to attract and retain top talent, and develop bench strength at each level of the organization.